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Adderley Physiotherapy

We are patient centered and work with other health care providers, including your physician
to get you back to optimal health and function.

Variety of Care

We provide treatment for neurologic and orthopedic conditions.

What To Expect

At your first visit, be sure to bring your physician’s referral & insurance information. Also be sure to dress comfortably, as if you were going to the gym.

Health Insurance

Adderley Physiotherapy accepts all major insurances including Atlantic, Bahama Health, B.A.F., Colina and N.I.B. Self-pay rates are available for uninsured patients.

Payment Methods

We are cashless. Payment can be made via direct transfer, debit/credit card, Kanoo or Sand Dollar.

Qualified Staff

Our Physiotherapist has specialized training, certifications, and enthusiasm.



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Address: Mackey St. Plaza, Mackey St. Nassau, Bahamas
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